Reaching For Your Goal

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 80D
8965784/1000000 sec. / ISO 100
Nearest Area
Alabama Hills
Lone Pine, CA

Mount Whitney looms gigantically and menacingly in the background... IMO it's like the huge granite mountain is talking to you in a calming and soothing tone saying "that you cant do it, and to give up and go home". Constantly putting you down. You are tired and out of breath but you keep reaching for the next handgrip. As you near the top, the shouts from the mountain get louder and louder. Whitney's tone changes from soothing to anger. When you are one grip away the mountain is screaming at you to "give up" You hear Whitney's screaming, but you are focused on achieving your goal. You finally reach the last handgrip and all you have to do is pull yourself up. You take a deep breath and muster every last ounce of strength left in your body and finally pull yourself over the top. lying on top of the rock face to face and you kiss the rock and smile. you push yourself up and sit on your knees. you look around and admire the view, finally, stand up. then raise your arms in victory. but you hear nothing. No taunts, no discouragement, no nothing. You have won and finally quieted Whitney


My motivation to go out and photograph is coming across a scene like this. A young lady who had gone through a lot of troubles in her life and is finally getting her life back on track. If I had stayed at home I never would've seen this lady achieve her goal and to celebrate as though she had just climbed summited mount Everest. I was genuinely happy for her when she reached the top and raised her arms in triumph. Sigh... that was a good day.

I have lost her info and forgotten her real name but, I will always remember her story. Scenes like this are what motives me to get off the couch.

Date Added
February 17, 2021
Date Taken
February 17, 2021