Garden of the Gods

Equipment Info
6321928/1000000 sec. / ISO 100


I drove from San Francisco toward Yosemite with some excitement. The entire way I chased a large thunderstorm - and I was hoping for some great photography if it played out right...

By the time I arrived at the famous Glacier Point vista, the storm was already starting to dissipate. I wasted no time setting up my camera for panoramic captures and clicked away as the light twisted and swirled. I noticed the clouds were opening in the distance, giving all the onlookers a fantastic view of what I call a reverse sunset - where the setting sun lights the opposite sky up. This usually lasts only a few minutes then gone. I really was happy with how the panoramic image fully displays all the detail of Yosemite from Nevada falls to Liberty Cap to Half Dome to Mt. Watkins and Basket Dome while the weather exhibited a full dynamic range of atmospheric activity. After about 40 minutes, all the clouds broke apart and the show was completely over.

Glacier Point standing above Yosemite Valley is one of North America's unsurpassed epic views featuring Half Dome's almost 9000 foot height.

Date Added
May 24, 2021
Date Taken
March 25, 2021