Lost Lake Milky Way with Clouds

Nearest Area
Mount Hood National Forest
Parkdale, OR
Brief Directions

Take Lost Lake Road out of Parkdale.


My first visit to Lost Lake was special. While there have been many iconic images of the Milky Way over Mount Hood, I have not had the chance to shoot this. Spring has the Milky Way over Mount Hood and I used Sun Surveyor and Photo Ephemeris to explore shooting locations. It appeared that shooting from the south side of the lake would provide a very good composition.

I arrived well before sunset and wandered around the southern end of the lake. I found several good locations to shoot from but ended up just below the viewpoint parking lot. I used Sun Surveyor's Live View screen while setting the date and time to show the core of the Milky Way.

As the sun set, there was a layer of clouds just above the ridge line on each side of Mount Hood. Then the thunder storm started lighting up the clouds. It was awesome to watch.

As the sky became darkest, the clouds started to increase. Nonetheless, I continued to shoot and got this fine exposure.

Fujifilm X100F
WCL-X100 19mm wide angle conversion lens
15 seconds at f/2.0
ISO 6400


The Milky Way over Mount Hood with some clouds.

Date Added
June 7, 2021