“Polar Beauty”

Equipment Info
390mm / f/8 / 1/1250 sec. / ISO 125
Nearest Area
Baffin Island

Sometimes I don't realize what gems I have till I reach back home from a photography trip. In this particular trip, I shot literally thousands of images, as you cant help but keep trying to capture these gorgeous animals. And since there are too many images, you dont really get to see all of them on reviews.
I was looking for an image in my library to enter into another Outdoor Photographer assignment and I came across this sequence of images.
It was afternoon, and we were desperate to find a polar bear mom before we headed back to our cabins. It was deadly cold but the light was gorgeous! With luck, we found this male polar bear who seemed to have been travelling slowly. As we slowly followed him, he decided to start climbing on this pile of ice. It could not be perfect (well it could be but----------). Afternoon warm light was making it's beautiful yellowish fur glow, AND making the ice blocks look so blue and saturated!
I did not realize what a beautiful image this would turn out to be.
Needless to say we were happy to photograph each inch of his move and then headed back to the cabins feeling on top of the world!

Date Added
July 14, 2021
Date Taken
April 1, 2019