A Morning with Whitney

Equipment Info
55mm / f/13 / 1/13 sec. / ISO 200
Nearest Area
Alabama Hills Recreational Area
Lone Pine

When I got out to the Alabama Hills to photograph the southern range of Sierra Nevada mountains I found that there were a lot of low clouds that were hiding the mountains pretty good. I decided that while it appeared I wouldn't get an opportunity to get the shot I had come up here after, I still might be able to get some good shots none the less. I stopped my car, parked along side the road and took my tripod and camera and went in search of compositions. As I started to trek out the clouds in front of me started to break and revealed the peak and minarets around it. The clouds were doing something I only seen in photographs of Fitz Roy down in Torre del Paine, they were swirling around the minarets and caressing the peak of Mt Whitney. The scene gave me all these different areas of light and shadows as if they were being painted by one of Italian master painters indulging in chiaroscuro which in a way, it was.

It was a morning to remember and taught me one of the most important lessons a photographer needs to learn. That no matter what the conditions are when you first get there, do not abandon all hope, sometimes fortune will smile upon you and will present you with a magical moment.

Date Added
August 21, 2021
Date Taken
May 9, 2013