Family Outing to Crabtree Falls Along the BRP

Equipment Info
-378512/1000000 sec. / ISO 100
North Carolina
Nearest Area
Mount Rogers State Park
Marion, NC
Brief Directions

Follow the Blue Ridge Parkway North Bound from Asheville, NC until you get to the parking area.


The pandemic was hard on my family; staying inside for so long took a toll on everyone. One of our escapes this past year was the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP). There are trails, scenic overlooks, wildlife, and so much more along the BRP. Most of the trails had very little traffic along with them, including the usually most popular trails like Crabtree Falls. Our kids were ready to get out and hike; they wanted to see something new and something worth hiking to, as they would put it. I had been to Crabtree Falls before, so I knew they would love to explore this waterfall.

Once we arrived, we packed up and headed down the trail for a family outing with a round trip hike of about 2.5 miles. Just enough to keep the kid's attention and make them feel like they got out of the house. You could hear Crabtree Falls about a quarter-mile before getting there. Our kids were excited to hunt for rocks, so they took off the trail. When my wife and I arrived at the falls, they were already there gazing up at it. I can only imagine; they were feeling relatively small. I snagged a few frames of them checking it out, and this is my favorite of the set and a great family memory to hang on to look back on.

Date Added
September 19, 2021
Date Taken
September 19, 2021