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5906891/1000000 sec. / ISO 1600


I’ve always had an affinity for the world down under - no, not Australia, but the landscape below our feet. An entire world of its own, away from the changing, dynamic and busy environment above. And when I arrived my first time into Puerto Rico, I immediately searched out and discovered cavern locations, especially since I had not yet seen a tropical cave system.

Rio Camuy Cave was highly recommended and I wasted no time driving about an hour or two toward the west side of the island. Although this cave was fashionably hot, it was dreamy... Drippy, slick and misty. This was different from the desert caves such as Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico USA. And because of this, Rio Camuy had a unique mood. It was obvious that rain water had a lot to do with the life of this cave.

Rio Camuy Caves are probably the most well known cave formations in Puerto Rico. Located in the town of Camuy, this is one of the largest cave systems worldwide, as it turns out. There are about a half million bats living in the cave, and you can hear an underground river while you’re treading inside it. I then turned around and went through the cave again on the way out , and it looked totally different.

Date Added
September 27, 2021
Date Taken
July 23, 2020