The Long Journey

Equipment Info
8965784/1000000 sec. / ISO 250
Nearest Area
Bridger-Teton National Forest
Dubois, Wyoming

While driving from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Yellowstone National Park, I somehow missed a turn, and ended up driving about 40 miles before realizing my mistake. While driving in the wrong direction the snow began coming down, and I wanted to stop and get a shot of the snow covered landscape. After passing several overlook areas, I finally pulled into one, and saw this moose walking through the snow covered valley. At this time he was walking in my direction, and there just happened to be a gravel road that led down into the valley. I got back in the car, and drove down, set up, and the moose walked right in front me, across a creek, stopped, posed, then turned around and began making his journey back to where he came from. When he began walking away I got back in the car, drove back up to the overlook, and was about to continue making my journey in the wrong direction. Before leaving I looked back and could see this once large bull moose now looking very tiny in the vast snowy Wyoming valley. I got back out the car with hopes of being able to capture how small we really are in the grand scheme of things, along the the feeling of cold loneliness that I imagined the moose was feeling at that time.

It almost seems like fate that the moose and I met up. Me driving unknowingly driving in the wrong direction, him making his journey to that exact location for some unknown reason, then both of us parting ways heading opposite directions back to where we came from.

Date Added
October 22, 2021
Date Taken
October 22, 2021