Fowler Falls in Autumn Mist

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 6D Mark II
-678072/1000000 sec. / ISO 640
Nearest Area
Siskiyou County
McCloud California, USA.
Brief Directions

California State Route 89 east from Mount Shasta or West from Burney to the McCloud Falls Loop and follow signs to the falls.


Gear and Technical Data
Canon 6D Mark II, with 24-105 f4L.
ISO 640 - 28mm at f11 - 1.6 seconds
Post production in Adobe Lightroom Classic


This is a shot of Lower McCloud Falls, also known as Fowler Falls on the McCloud River in Siskiyou County, California, USA. I pulled in to the falls to stretch my legs a couple hours in to a 3 hour drive on a quite rainy morning at around 8am. On a summer day this spot is quite crowded with sightseers and swimmers but on this late October morning I was the only human around.
These falls are the third and final in a series of 3 waterfalls in the area of the river known as the upper McCloud River, above McCloud Reservoir just a few miles downstream. All three of the falls are beautiful in their own way, with the Middle Falls being the most spectacular. Visitors to the area can hike a relatively easy 4 mile round trip trail that offers views of all three falls and, if one is willing to visit early in the morning during the off-season it can be a wonderfully peaceful experience.

Date Added
November 11, 2021
Date Taken
November 11, 2021