North Lake

Equipment Info
22mm / f/13 / 1/13 sec. / ISO 100
Nearest Area
Bishop Creek Canyon

North Lake is one of the prime spots to photograph during California fall color season. Typically you want to try and get a spot along the eastern shore of the lake so that you capture the Piute Crags as they are being front lit by the light of the rising sun. This works in any weather but you want to try to get there when either a storm is coming in or is in the process of leaving. What complicates that is typically our storms here in California bring or leave with ferocious winds that will spoil any chance of you have of getting reflections in the lake and also can rob the trees of their leaves. On this particular morning I was not blessed with clouds so I started looking for a different composition of the lake and its aspen trees that line its western to northwestern shore. After noticing another photographer on her way down this hillside on the south side of the lake, I decided to take a look at that spot as a possible location to shoot from. After rising the top, I could see what the previous photographer had seen, this beautiful vantage point where you could see the lake and the aspen trees as they were beautifully side lit by the sun.

How often to stick to tried and true methods or angles for our shots when if we will do a little bit of walking and rolling the dice, we may find a hidden gem.

Date Added
November 14, 2021
Date Taken
September 29, 2018