Shake It Off

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
25691/3361 sec. / ISO 500
Nearest Area
Katmai National Park

Upon our seaplane landing in Katmai (not at the popular Brooks Falls), we knew we'd see bears. We could even see them from the boat. I was told by the photo company that we'd get close but I had no idea just how close we'd get. At times, we had bears less than 3 feet away from us with nothing separating us from them. On our first full day photographing in the field, we spent time with a sow and her cub. At one point, the pair even came right up to us while taking a break from fishing for pink salmon. They were so close to us that you could literally see steam coming off their backs – really!! As we laid belly down in the rocky terrain donning our unattractive waders, I saw a bear looking like it was about to shake the excess water off after a failed fishing attempt. Having been unsuccessful in capturing this moment in Canada's Great Bear Rainforest years earlier, capturing an image of a brown bear shaking the water off was at the top of my photographic bucket list. Unfortunately or fortunately for me, I wasn't ready with my settings. I had been experimenting with focal points, getting a feel of what worked and what didn't work being so close to the bears, and my aperture was only set to f/5.6 with auto ISO. The shutter fired at 1/200 which is slower than what I had pictured in my head for so many years. Even so, I was able to focus on the head and achieve a motion shot with water streaks – artsy in its own way. It's a moment I will cherish forever.

Date Added
November 21, 2021
Date Taken
November 21, 2021