“Glaciers And The Moonset”

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I have been mesmerized by Ansel Adam's "Moonrise Hernandez" ever since I saw it back in my early photography days. I had since wanted to photograph something remotely close to that, but never found either the opportunity or sheer dedication to try it. While on my RV trip to Alaska, I came across these gorgeous glaciers at sundown and thought how beautiful it would be to catch a sunrise here if the water would be still and I would get some pre-dawn colors. When I woke up at around 4 or 5 AM, still so sleepy and tired,I stepped out of the RV just to see if I was missing anything special. My heart just went into a beating frenzy when I saw the moon over the glaciers, rushed in to get my camera and tripod. The picture that kept running through my mind was "Moonrise Hernandez". Only this time, the moon was "setting" rather than rising. With B&W in mind, I shot this imag, while battling all those huge Alaskan mosquitoes, as in a hurry I had forgotten my insect repellant. Not only was I rewarded with this image, but the sunrise was breathtaking! The glaciers and the mountain peaks lit up with the rising sun. Only thing missing? I wish it was a full moon! May be in another 15 years :)

Date Added
December 24, 2021