Liquid Ice

Nearest Area
Ricketts Glen State Park

Ricketts Glen State Park in northeastern Pennsylvania features more than 20 waterfalls along steep hiking trails. The trails are open three seasons, but during the winter they are closed except for hikers with proper ice climbing equipment. Especially during cold snaps, the waterfalls freeze over and sections of trails become covered with ice. The waterfalls and trails are transformed into an icy, winter wonderland. Hikers have to be experienced and more careful on ice, but they are rewarded with a landscape that looks very different from other seasons. I usually hike the trails at least once a winter. I often take wider-angle photos of waterfalls there, but also try to take time to notice details in the landscape. On this hike ten years ago I photographed this detail from a small waterfall to capture the contrast between the falling liquid water and the static frozen water. Because the lighting was very flat and the scene was mostly monochrome, I converted the image to black and white and increased the contrast during processing.

Date Added
January 13, 2022
Date Taken
January 13, 2022