Evening Glow

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark II
370044/100000 sec. / ISO 100
New Mexico
Nearest Area
Shiprock, Navajo Nation

EF 70-200mm @ 200mm; f/16 @ 1/13 sec, -1 EV, ISO 100


I often have passed this landmark in my travels, always intending to make my own rendition—one that is notably different. The most common perspective photographed is from the southeast. The west-facing wall seems to be somewhat unpopular. Not until my most recent trip to the Southwest were the atmospheric conditions promising for an attempt to capture a unique image—or two. This was a cool, cloudy April day. There was a chance for a sun break at the horizon formed by the Carrizo Mountains. Because I had earlier crossed from Arizona into New Mexico on Highway 13, I knew the Carrizos were in the 9000 foot elevation range. I scouted Navajo Nation Road 5020, which parallels the western exposure of Shiprock. I located a vantage point that would provide an unobstructed view with good angular light for shadows when the sun broke through. There are no guarantees in outdoor photography so it is crucial to be patient and make images while the light changes, to have the best chance of capturing the best of that light. As Mitch Dobrowner said “It might be five minutes or 20 minutes or three minutes. But the thing is, you always have to think that you’re only going to be out there for three minutes. Right now, or five seconds from now, or 20 seconds from now might be the best you’re going to get.”

Date Added
December 12, 2022
Date Taken
July 6, 2019