Enjoying the View

Nearest Area
southern Iceland
Brief Directions

I was not always sure where we were on this Iceland tour. I was happy to just sit back and enjoy the photo stops and the scenery and go where our guide took us.


Iceland is a country everyone should try and visit at least once. This was my 3rd trip there as it is such a beautiful place I just had to go back. I have not been there in the summer, so if I go again it will be then.


I was on a tour in Iceland, and being a horse lover wanted to get some photos of the darling horses that live in this country. We stopped along a road where some were eating grass. This one took off up the hill and I followed it along on the road. When it stopped I had to lift my camera as high as I could over my head to try and get some of the beautiful background in my photo too. I was able to get only this shot and the horse turned and walked away.

Date Added
February 22, 2023
Date Taken
December 21, 2022