Golden Light Falling

Nearest Area
San Jose

I had been out all day, hiking around the area and taking photos of whatever I could find. It was a beautiful summer afternoon, but nothing I saw inspired me. Every shot I took felt lackluster and uninteresting; I wasn't feeling creative or motivated. With a sigh, I decided it was time to pack up my gear and return home for the day.

As I started heading back down the trail towards my car, something caught my eye: two hikers walking in the opposite direction on their own path. On impulse, I stopped and grabbed my bag off the ground before quickly setting up shop again with camera in hand. This would be one last chance at getting that perfect photo - a way to salvage this otherwise disappointing trip into nature's beauty.

So there we were – me standing still with camera pointed toward them as they strolled away from me down the trail – when suddenly everything changed! The sun had shifted so slightly that it now illuminated every corner of the environment! Rays of light cascaded through trees while shadows danced across leaves…it really couldn't have been more perfect! And if you look closely at this particular photo taken during those few moments of magic…you will see those two fellow hikers who unknowingly inspired me to take another chance that afternoon!

Date Added
March 6, 2023