Time Lines

Equipment Info
321928/1000000 sec. / ISO 200

Lens: Rokinon 14mm 2.8

By this time in 2021, a slightly bigger group of 30 people were allowed to hike to the Wave per day. It was very easy to get lost as the directions in this beautiful desert formation are unclear for most casual hikers. At least limiting the amount of people a day makes it easier to find them in the event they become “naturally misplaced.” And admittingly, I got temporally lost both times i've hiked to this area.

There were about forty people/groups gathered at the new location in Kanab ready to play the lottery when I arrived. People from Germany, France, Japan, and other places that I was surprised to find there. I hung around this little favorite town of mine and played the lottery every morning at 8am. I had lost other times in the past trying to visit the wave for a second time - and now it looked like on my last day in Kanab, I was heading for another defeat. I was lucky again and won - but with a warning from the ranger that dangerous summer thunderstorms had wash out the raod in several places and were expecting more that day. I was cautious but still encountered a couple poeple from the lottery winners that had grave danage to their vehicle due to the road. So I felt even more lucky that I barely made it through.

Date Added
March 14, 2023
Date Taken
November 7, 2022