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The place can be reached from Kolkata or Howrah on Sub-urban Train service. Howrah - Katwa, Bandel - Katwa local trains stop at Guptipara Railway station. Train service is also available from Sealdah station, though less frequent in number. Guptipara is 35 km from Bandel on the Bandel-Katwa Branch Line.[6] Guptipara is also connected with roadways including Assam (S.T.K.K.)Road. It is 75 km from Howrah. There is water transport connection to Shantipur.


Guptipara is a rural town under Balagarh police station in Chinsurah subdivision[1] of Hooghly District in West Bengal, India. Guptipara is under the Pandooah Telephone District Area and the STD Code is 03213


600 years old temple with old locality from ancient age.The first publicly organised Sri Bindhabasini Jagaddhatri Puja was held at Guptipara, when some men were stopped from taking part in a household Durga Puja. Twelve of them formed a committee and organised a barowari (baro means twelve and yaar means friend) puja (worshipping).[2][3] There is a difference of opinion about the year of worship – 1761 or 1790.[4][5] There are some old temples in this rural town - Brindabanchandra Temple, Chaitanyadev Temple, Krishna Chandra Temple and Ramachandra Temple.[2] All the structures bear characteristics of the Bengal school of architecture, with carvings depicting scenes from the epics and Puranas.[2] Not only this The Ratha Jatra of Guptipara is also famous. In the time Ratha Jatra many people come here from several areas also from out of bengal. Its approximately of same age of Mahesh (Srirampore). And one thing to remember the great 'Senapati' of Siraj Mohanlal was a resident of Guptipara. Many 'Toles' were situated there. 'maa bindhabasini'-jagadhattri puja is one of the oldest glory of Guptipara ,which is the origin of 'barowari' puja started in 1761. The place notable for Gupo sandesh, a special kind of sweet meal.[2] In other words it can be said "Makha Sandesh"

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