Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 6D
5643856/1000000 sec. / ISO 400
Nearest Area
Step Toe Butte
Colfax, Washington
Brief Directions

South of Spokane, Washington


This is a pano of several pictures Canon 16-35mm l 2.8


I took this picture from Steptoe Butte in Washington State. I knew I was driving by the butte that day so I made plans to pass it around sunrise. As I approached the butte that morning the clouds and light looked good. As the clouds became broken, while I was making my way up the butte, I had to act quick and find a spot to shoot from. It seemed like forever but I found a great place to pull over. As I looked at what was playing out in front of me I knew it called for a pano. Everything I read about Steptoe Butte indicated I would need my 70mm-200mm telephoto or longer. I wanted to get the foreground vegetation in the picture. A telephoto would have removed the foreground. I had to make a quick choice. I went for my Canon 16mm-35mm 2.8 L and was glad I did. I set my camera on top of a leveled tripod, composed and shot. I use a shoe mounted level on my camera for quick reference. Getting the shots level is crucial. I found the digital level in my cameras are slow and harder to use. As always, I use mirror lockup, a cable release and a two second delay. There was a slight breeze as I took this shot. I needed to come up from 100 on my ISO in order to take faster shots.

Date Added
December 23, 2016
Date Taken
May 31, 2016