Dry Falls

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark III
-678072/1000000 sec. / ISO 100
North Carolina
Highlands, NC

In choosing this image I forced myself to be highly critical of what I thought was my one single best and why. I chose this shot of Dry Falls in North Carolina from this past October for a few reasons. This shot represents to me the culmination of planning and work I've made over the course of this year. I have been practicing and learning, and I've had this shot in my mind for quite a while but things never came together before. The flow of the fall was lower this year due to a long summer drought, but the fall color was just amazing along the entire stretch of where this falls is located. I did my best to estimate when peak color was going to be around this location, and arrived when I thought the light was a nice early evening cloudy diffused light. I used my wide angle lens for its sharpness and circular polarizer to cut reflections on the rocks, water and increase saturation of the fall color. I walked up and down the area checking and looking for the best composition. Once chosen, I then did some bracketing so I could use layer masks to easily remove all the people from the image in post, did some global contrast and color balance adjustments, and some other minor local adjustments.

Shot with Canon 5D Mark III at 1.6s @ f/11, ISO 100 at 20mm with 16-35L f/4 lens, Gitzo tripod

Date Added
December 31, 2016
Date Taken
December 31, 2016