Crystal Mill Fall

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark III
-1/1 sec. / ISO 100

This I call this shot one of my miracle shots, also my first time to Crystal Mill. I moved up my trip to Colorado by a week and then felt like I should leave another two days earlier. I had my jeep tour to Crystal Mill scheduled for a Sunday but due to early departure I arrived on a Thursday and called ahead to see if by chance I could change from Sunday to today, Thursday. I was first told they were full up and the soonest I could get on a afternoon jeep tour would be Friday, I said ok, but was worried as the weather forecast was not good. A short while later a received a phone call back saying they had a cancellation and would I like the spot. I said yes, but was about an hour away from Marble Co. and the tour would leave a 2:00 pm. I went over the speed limit every chance I felt I could and made it there at 1:48. It was cloudy and threatening and we did get a little rain as we slowly traveled the very rugged road to Crystal Mill. The sun was hitting the yellow aspen really lighting them up and with dark clouds all around the sun seem even more wonderful on those Aspen. I chose a different kind of shot than the typical shots I had seen so often. I wanted to frame the old mill with the beauty of fall colors. Later that evening the storm hit with both snow and rain. Rained and snowed all night, Friday and Saturday were also snow and rain. So hence my miracle shot.

Date Added
January 3, 2017
Date Taken
January 3, 2017