“All Walks of Life”

Nearest Area
Dixon Gas station.
Dixon, CA
Brief Directions

Take I-80 West into the town of Dixon. It's the first exit with the gas station right off the highway.


If you look at the Dixon sunflower photo (which I've named "All Walks of Life"), I've clearly selected and positioned the big perfectly shaped one looking right at you for a reason. I also put the sun behind him to play on the Fibonacci patterns and symmetry. I've f-stopped down to f-22 to maximize the array on the sun to match the sunflower! He's big, bold and confident and looks at you. He's soaked up so much of Gods great sunshine and love that he has become like the sun. By contrast the flower to the left of the photo looks away and down. He contrasts the other flowers and was positioned there for that reason. He's sad and looks away from the sun. Religious symbolism?

How to get order in a sea of disorder? Simplicity. Emphasize one simple pattern and allow the viewer to fill in the rest mentally. How to get the feeling of depth and latitude in the photo? The dark row lead line on the left travels directly toward an anchoring building in the distance. This provides depth. By placing the bold character sunflower and sun near each other one's eye moves from left to right creating the feeling/impression of latitude. Both are interesting elements that provide interest in the photo. Together the depth and latitude create the feeling of a great field of interesting characters of all walks of life.

I was asked whether it would make more sense to have positioned the sun above the building at the end of the dark row lead line? The answer is "no". That would have made for linear depth in the photo and nothing more.

But, aren't sunflowers heliotropic? Yes, they always face the sun until a certain age. That is the hidden irony of the photo. Once they are mature they generally always face east away from the sun. Perhaps that is why the one in the corner is so unhappy? He is going to be cut soon (life & death theme) or is he turning away from God or the path that he is supposed to follow?

So in the end, you are the master of your own canvas. It's not surprising Van Gogh and others found sunflowers interesting. They tell us all a story.
We just need to listen and observe their beauty.


"All Walks of Life" symbolizes both the harmony and disharmony that exists in the world. If emphasizes the importance of understanding, tolerance, and the ever changing world we live in.

Date Added
January 3, 2017
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