Fledgling Sunset

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS-1D X
630784/65536 sec. / ISO 800

Photographed with a Canon 1D X using a 600mm IS II lens and 1.4x TC (840mm) on a Gitzo tripod using a Wimberley mount. Settings were f/5.6, 1/800 sec and ISO-800.


As the sun lowered in the sky I packed my gear to leave the cliff side where I had been watching a Peregrine Falcon eyrie from a blind. On this day there was still one female nestling and the two boys had fledged. Walking back to my jeep I passed an opening and spotted this young male perched on a ledge. For a few seconds our eyes locked as I stood and watched this beautiful, young Peregrine glowing in the last rays of sunlight. I then realized I still had my camera handy and snapped a couple quick images before the sun disappeared entirely. There were many exciting moments during the weeks I spent on the cliffs with these beautiful and fierce birds. But this is one that I remember and cherish most, the perception of a shared intimacy between comrades. June 14, 2016

Date Added
January 4, 2017
Date Taken
June 14, 2016