Nearest Area
Eastern Sierra

Nikon D800E,Nikkor 24-70,f/2.8 lens,Manfrotto
190 with XPro Ball Head tripod,Nikon MC-D2 remote control cord
24mm focal length ,1/400 and 1/300 sec of f/7.1 ISO 50 and 1/25,1/50 sec of f/16,f/22 ISO50,100.


It was very hot for a winter in this elevation, about 54 degrees.
After we shot the sunrise in this location, we hiked for about 7 hours.
I was there with my friend Andy and we enjoyed this huge point of view and little wind.
We found a lot angles and objects to create some exceptional composition with the light.
After I saw this natural “eye” in foreground, I knew exactly what composition I wanted to create.
This is second natural “eye” I have photographed, first one I photographed is 400 miles from this place to the south west in the coast.
We decide to stay for the rest of day in this area.
I saw a lot sunrises and sunsets in the past 12 seasons, especially at East wall of Sierra Nevada. I decided to catch the last illumination directly from the sun to take all elements, objects and light together. I’m very happy with the way this came out. Mt. Tom decorated with sun star combined with this fantastic illumination of light and title can be interpreted to many ways.

Date Added
January 9, 2018
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