Head Of The Harbor

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Acadia National Park
Bass Harbor
Brief Directions

From Bar Harbor, travel west along Route 233. Fork right onto Route 3 until you come upon Route 102. Continue south on Route 102, thru Southwest Harbor and into Bass Harbor. At this point you will be directed by local signs pointing you to the lighthouse's parking area.


Admission to the lighthouse is free. When you arrive at the lighthouse you can view it from the right side or the left side. Many folks prefer the easy path to the right, but your view of the lighthouse here is limited and less dramatic that the view from the opposite side. A steep wooden staircase brings you down to ocean level at which point the less intrepid people stop and point their cameras. For those of us who prefer more dramatic and up close and personal shooting, a climb onto the sometimes slippery rocks will bring you to a far better spot for capturing beautiful images, although if the waves are large, you won't be able to venture very far. Also, it's important to time your visit during low tide if you want rocks in your foreground; if not, they and you will be completely submerged.


The coast of Maine is dotted with picturesque lighthouses perched upon rocky bluffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Perhaps the most iconic and dramatic of them all is the Bass Harbor Head Light, located at the southern tip of Mount Desert Island at the head of Bass harbor. It can also be one of the most challenging to photograph at sunset because the best vantage point has you facing directly into the glare of the western setting sun. This can be overcome by planning your visit on a day when storm clouds fill the sky or by arriving very early in the day at sunrise. On the other hand, the very slippery rocks upon which you will likely be standing with your tripod as ocean waves spray over you and your gear present a totally different challenge. Do watch your step and keep an eye on the approaching waves as you shoot.

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March 27, 2012
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March 27, 2012