English Barley Field Sunset

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Bath, England

Ok first off, photographing the English countryside is a royal PITA. All of the roads have these thorny bushes that extend like 10 feet high, so when you reach the top of a hill and expect to see a nice open landscape, thats just not the case 9 times out of 10. Im assuming these bushes are here for 3 reasons, first, they act as sound dampening for the roads to keep noise pollution to a minimum. Secondly, the keep cars from running off the road, and lastly, they keep people for trespassing on their land and stealing their crops. I totally understand the concept, but it makes it really difficult for taking pictures of the rolling English countryside from the roadside. Anyways, after 3 days of complete overcast on our trek through southwestern England, the sky had opened up a bit and I had a feeling that sunset would be a good one. In England at this time of year, sunset isnt till around 9:45pm, and since you are pretty far north, it last's forever and doesn't get totally dark till around 11:30pm. Armed with this knowledge and fully realizing that I was in a completely foreign country and had no idea where to go, I headed out at about 6pm. I started driving around, thinking I had plenty of time to find a workable composition that had a north western view so I could see the sunset. Boy was I wrong! I drove around for the next 3 hours, desperately searching for a view that I liked as the time slowly slipped away. At around 9:20, I started getting worried that I wasnt going to find a location I was satisfied with and time was starting to slip away. The one route that I was fully confident about took me to three military roads that all had signs saying, "Authorized Military Personnel only, Deadly force is authorized to all trespassers" or something along those lines. Definitely not going to chance that, lol. I continued on and continued west down motorway M26, thinking that all of this effort was going to be for not. It was just then that I past an opening in the thick bushes in the side of the road and this barley field came into view. I quickly grabbed the e-brake on the little stick shift Peugeot 207 rental car, skidded around while downshifting to first, then quickly turned around and parked the grass next to the opening. I grabbed my camera and hopped the fence into this field of barley, setup my tripod and relaxed a bit while I got to witness this amazing sunset.

Date Added
October 12, 2012
Date Taken
October 12, 2012
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