Fall Storm Over Chicago..

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Nearest Area
South Loop

Crazy storm clouds roll in over Chicago on this chilly fall day. I haven't really haven't had time to shoot landscapes over the past couple of weeks and the urge to get out and make some new images has been strong. I have either been way to busy shooting products in the studio, shooting weddings, or selling prints when the conditions have been right and its definitely been left me a bit bummed at times. I'm not complaining because I love being busy and making money, but I definitely need to make a conscious effort to continue to make new landscape images when they present themselves. I knew yesterday when I was leaving the studio and saw the sky was looking pretty epic that I just had to stop on my way to the gym to shoot for a bit. I wasn't sure where to exactly I wanted to go, but figured that this would be a good location since some fall color is finally showing itself here in the city and I haven't photographed from here in a while. Anyways, I spent about an hour or so watching the storm roll through, huddled under my umbrella while the rain came down with varying intensity. It was nice to get out and enjoy the storm and definitely made for some dramatic skies over the city that you don't see everyday. www.jamielinkphotography.com

Date Added
June 8, 2013
Date Taken
June 8, 2013