Frozen Lighthouse

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St Joseph

This frozen, icy lighthouse is at the end of a long pier in St. Joseph MI. It was January 16th 2015 – a Friday morning. I was in my normal routine and happened upon an icy photo that was taken a couple days before of the St Joseph Lighthouse. I knew the weather hadn’t been too warm and most likely the ice was still there. I had seen this frozen lighthouse before and had always longed to capture a photo. So, by early afternoon I had talked myself into a trip and had my gear packed. I drove to St. Joseph, MI with hopes of nice ice and a good sky, but I had no way to know if either would happen. I arrived early and quickly made friends with some of my fellow lighthouse photographers (shout out to Craig, Jeff, and Neil). I messed around with several compositions before I settled on the final one you see here in the photo. I still had an hour to go, so I just hung out by my camera making small talk. The closer we got to sunset, the more worried I was – lots of photographers were starting to show up and the ability to choose a new spot was quickly drying up on this narrow pier. I hoped I had chosen a good location and that it wouldn’t require a last minute move. As the sun was getting low, an interesting cloud formation began to form above the lighthouse. At first it was little more then a hot-dog shaped puff, but the upper winds were starting to stretch it out a bit more. As everything lit up, I couldn’t believe my good fortune. I was in the ideal spot and the cloud was absolutely prefect. A few minutes earlier and it was still too small, a few minutes later and it was too far stretched out. As it turned out, the cloud was in the perfect position at just the right time for the composition I had created! I was the furthest photographer to the left with the water only a step away (and 10 feet down). Had I been more to the right, the cloud would have been blocked by the ice. I kept thinking to myself – and probably even mumbled it a few times, “I can’t believe this!” This photo was the result. It was after 1:00AM when I finally rolled into my own driveway, but I think it was well worth the trip.

Date Added
February 17, 2015
Date Taken
February 17, 2015

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