Envision Your Dreams

Equipment Info
Canon EOS 6D
Nearest Area
Ohio Creek Pass
Crested Butte

This was an area I have been wanting to explore for some time now. To begin my trip, I drove to Gunnison, Colorado and slept in my car waking up to ice frozen on my windshield and a bit cold. It was 5:00 a.m. as I started the car to warm up and scrape the windshield. I knew about a rock formation called "The Castles" and that I could get to a view of it on Ohio Creek Pass between Gunnison and Crested Butte. I headed to the pass and ventured up in the dark, not really knowing where the view would be. As I climbed up the winding dirt road...it became snow packed and I put my car in 4-wheel drive. I still couldn't see a thing in the dark and kept winding up the pass. I started to doubt where I was going and considered at several points of turning around. Finally, I came around a bend and saw three other photographers set up on the side of the road. I thought I must have found the right spot. I parked and set up my tripod with the other three. I decided to do a long exposure to see what was in front of me and when the image came up on my screen, I was elated. A spread of colorful aspens filled the valley below and across the span of aspens stood "The Castles" rock formation. About 15 minutes later a truck pulled up and the man rolled down his window and asked if we were having a workshop. We all replied "no" and he asked if he could join us, followed by introducing himself as John Fielder. What a surprise to shoot this scene side by side with Colorado Photographer John Fielder. It sure made my day and my trip.

Date Added
October 14, 2014
Date Taken
October 14, 2014