Autumn Magic At Upper Bond Falls

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You know, I’m starting to really like Bond Falls. It’s located – more or less – in the north central aera of Michigan’s UP, and let me tell ya – I’ve been there twice and pulled out a good shot each time! The first time was of the main falls, this time I went for the upper falls. In fact, back when I took the main falls I just couldn’t help but think this area could really be fantastic if the timing was right in autumn. So, about 13 months later I came back to give it a try. First off, I was totally blown away by the color I saw – and not just in the Bond Falls area – the entire upper peninsula was blazing with jaw dropping yellows and reds. Easily the best fall color display I’ve ever seen there (and possibly anywhere else). So, you can imagine the stupid grin on my face when I came upon this scene! I scouted it out, had some dinner, then returned for photos around sunset. I was hoping to get some nice clouds in the little piece of sky you see in the photo but it was nothing but clear. Ehhhh. I really didn’t want just boring blue sky – people see that all the time – so I waited around to see if I could get a little “afterglow”. Sure enough, just a bit after sunset the sky started getting pink right near the horizon – and I attacked it with the camera! Overall, what a great evening! The colors were perfect, the falls looked great, there were no bugs, and hey, even the temps were nice! I got off easy on this one :)

Date Added
August 13, 2013
Date Taken
August 13, 2013