Til Death Do Us Part

Jackson, Wyoming
Brief Directions

Taken at the Gros Ventre campground at the southern end of Grand Teton National Park in Sept. 2010.


My partner and I heard that two bull moose were seen hanging out together near the Gros Ventre Campground, a good hour's drive to the south in the Grand Tetons. We arrived about an hour before sunset and there were about six or seven photographers shooting the two bull moose that were laying close to each other in a small grove of trees. They told us the moose hadn't moved all day and I just assumed they were bedded down for the night. We were about to leave when the younger bull stood up. He walked a few feet forward and started rubbing his horns on a small tree. The older bull continued to chew his cud and seemed totally nonchalant. A few minutes later the young bull moved over in front of the old bull and that's when the old bull stood up. From that point forward it was like watching their movements in slow motion, as the old bull came up alongside his younger challenger. The adolescent male turned towards his older competition and their eyes and horns locked. The sun was setting and we were losing our light, as this improbable scene was unfolding before our very eyes. It was total madness, as we had to keep making camera adjustments and jockey for the best position with our tripod and camera. Their posturing was more like a ballet of two beautiful and powerful animals that were testing whether or not the other was willing to give his full measure to prove his masculinity and superiority. In the end they both disengaged, as if to say, "We'll have at it another day in another place and time without so many curious onlookers."

Date Added
July 4, 2016
Date Taken
July 4, 2016