I specialize in chroma key pet photography using the latest in photographic equipment, studio lighting and digital backdrops. Chroma key photography enables me to place my pet virtually into any color backdrop or scene. I create the illusion that my cat, Mojo, is anywhere. Chroma key compositing (also referred to as color-separation overlay, green screen or blue screen) is a technique for compositing two images together in which a color from one image is removed, revealing another image behind it. My pet was photographed against a background of a single color; typically a green or blue screen because these two colors contrast most to human flesh tones. Then that single color is removed digitally. When the solid color is digitally extracted, the masking process leaves transparency (blank space) around my pet. The important point is that once the solid color background (green or blue) is removed, I can insert any imagery I want in its place. This is often referred to as “keying”. A key is a blank area, technically called an “alpha channel” that is created when the solid color background is removed. The most common example of chroma keying is the TV weather program. A TV weather person is shot in front of a green or blue screen. A computer then removes the solid color background and replaces it with a weather map, or any other image or background scene in its place. I photographed my pet, Mojo, in my photo studio and then inserted the background photo.

Date Added
February 22, 2011
Date Taken
February 22, 2011