The Big Bean

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Nearest Area
Rky Mt National Park
Estes Park

Yesterday Colorado tried to push a record high temp. 72 beautiful degrees and no wind. It was a bluebird day but is was so nice I decided to run up to the park and see what I could come up with for this assignment. I snow shoed along a stream I knew that led to a small unnamed waterfall I found last year. It turns out it was still almost fully frozen and no falling water you could see. Plan B, follow the stream up until I could find an open pool with the dramatic devide in the background. As I got closer and closer to the devide I got lower and lower in the canyon and no view of the devide. 2 miles later and four ft of snow I fell in a crevasse up to my neck which took about ten minutes to get out of. No I have no desire to drown in snow. Time to turn around. I did find this great little pool that had melted out. I used my 10 stop ND to soften the water. I was thinking from above the melted out small pools of spring that dotted the frozen stream may have looked like a trail of beans layed down by the giants of Glacier Goerge.

Date Added
March 17, 2015
Date Taken
March 17, 2015