Maroon Bells 1977

Nearest Area
Maroon Bells Wilderness
Brief Directions

From Aspen, Colorado just follow the signs to the Maroon Bells. But be aware that now - at least in the summer and prime time viewing seasons - one may have to take a bus to this area due to the number of visitors.


This is not the best picture I have ever taken but it is my most memorable. My wife and I had moved to Colorado in 1976 and went to Aspen that September to photograph the Maroon Bells at the peak of the fall color change. After a 4 hour drive we were met with a horrible, rainy day. The following year, September, 1977, we again ventured to the Bells and were greeted by a quintessential Colorado autumn day with the aspen trees at the crest of their annual change. Not unexpectedly, so had dozens of other people! I set up my camera and tripod and waited for the field to be clear of the many spectators and eventually captured this image. It was my first relatively "good" photograph of a Colorado icon at the peak of autumn. For about 30 years a framed print of this hung in my office and when I retired one of my co-workers requested it and I gave it to her, faded as it was. Recently I scanned it and revitalized it as a digital image. This picture represents the start of a long and continuing love affair between my photography and the Colorado aspen season.

Date Added
August 27, 2015
Date Taken
August 27, 2015