Aspens Ablaze


The Columbus Day weekend was a crazy amazing weekend. It started off with me packing Friday night/Saturday morning. Then, it was a baby shower on Saturday where I was setting up a photo booth and spending time with the to-be parents. Afterwards (At 5pm), I stopped by the store and stocked up on food and filled up the car with gas.

I then started my 8.5 hour drive to meet up with friends in Death Valley for the morning sunrise.

During the trip, I made a hike down to Rainbow Falls and, along the way, I saw a beautiful Aspen grove with the wonderful fall colors.

I wanted to capture an abstract image of the Aspen, but ended up creating something I haven’t seen online before. Just Google “Aspen Abstract Photography” and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s where you take an image at a slower shutter speed and drag the camera upward to get the painted look to the image. Some others also do it in Photoshop.

What I created, however, was unique compared to the other photographs I’ve seen (which you can verify if you did the above search). Instead of simply having the camera dragged upwards, I added a bit of movement to the drag and came up with these wonderful waves of fiery yellow/orange. This effect was created 100% in camera.

Date Added
October 14, 2016