Timeless Canyons

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Nearest Area
Zion National Park

I hiked the Narrows in Utah alone. I'd attempted 3 times, walked all the way to the trailhead at the Temple of Sinawava (which is basically the flowing Virgin River) and had to turn around because the water levels were too high, too rough or too cold. Each time, hanging my head a bit low as I retreated knowing I may not be in Utah again for some time. Then one day, the conditions were perfect and I was the only one walking in this morning before sunrise. As I headed in and waded upstream, I had no idea what was ahead of me and I'll admit this was on of those hikes that had that mix of terror and adrenaline, I so love. I walked into another world. Those hours alone in that canyon were profound and transforming. At times, the water level reached above my waist and the canyon walls, thousands of feet high blocked most of the sun and the river trail was almost in complete darkness in the early morning. Navigating in the dimmed canyon with slick basalt rocks the size of bowling balls under my feet became a mentally challenging test of agility. At one point the river current knocked me over and I fell backwards and lost my tripod I'd been using as a walking stick. I got my camera backpack to the side and then went back to find my tripod. I'd become aware that It was one of those hikes where I had to keep telling myself "You can do it, you're ok, it's ok…" The sun rose and the canyon walls glowed and everything I knew I wanted to find was unfolding before me in an almost dreamlike state. I had the solitude I wanted and the peace and tranquility to take it all in. The experience became a mediative state where my past, present and future came together in moments of clarity. It was a long and physically demanding hike but one of the most beautiful experiences to date. Almost 11 hours later I walked out and the sun was getting ready to set. I was tired, wet and sandy but I was fulfilled and changed. I plan to go back and hike Orderville when I can.

Date Added
September 9, 2014
Date Taken
September 9, 2014