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Yosemite National Park
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My goal for my fourth visit to the Yosemite Valley was to spend more time focusing on the time of day I was visiting the iconic locations in the park—early morning and late evening. Unfortunately, my only time to visit was mid-summer. However, there are some great memories of unique light and moments: sunrise hitting the trees along the Merced River below El Capitan, a lone bear cub traipsing through a picnic area looking for any bits left by the humans from the day before, spray from Bridalveil Fall almost reaching the top of the fall itself. My visit to Fern Springs the day before this shot was not at all exciting. The light had already passed and the falls were in deep shade. In watching the sun, I guessed that any light that was to come in to this well-shaded area would be mid-morning. The next day I visited again, this time about 10:00am—I guessed correctly. Beautiful light was coming through the branches of the over hanging trees. Now, how to attempt to capture that with my primitive equipment. I don't own any neutral density filters and ISO 200 is the lowest my camera shoots. So shooting at ƒ/22 with a circular polarizer was the best I could do—ending up with a shutter speed of 4/10ths of a second.

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August 3, 2012
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August 3, 2012
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