Looking At Sidelight

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 7D
Nearest Area
White Sands National Monument
White Sands
Brief Directions

White Sands National Monument. West of the backpacking campground parking area.


Late afternoon self portrait at White Sands National Monument. I wanted to take this picture with as large of depth of field as I could get, within reason. The light was getting low so I had to slow the lens down to around 1/8th of a second. I could never have used someone other then a photographer, in this case myself, for this shot. I needed someone who understood portrait broad or short face light, composition and why they need to stay real still during the shoot given the 1/8th second exposure. The light would have been gone by the time I finished explaining. I had one shot at it before I messed up the sand in the foreground. I now wish I walked in more from the lower left corner. The footprints would have added even greater depth. I had to make footprints anyways. In photography you need to make lemons, unwanted elements like footprints, in to lemon aid. I also would have opened it up just a tad more, say f/16 from the f/22 I had it on. I would have benefited from greater detail in the foreground. The picture was an after thought in that I was waiting to shoot other subjects. I can't tell you how many times that happens.

Date Added
March 28, 2013
Date Taken
March 28, 2013

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