Sand Storm And I

Equipment Info

ISO2000 14mm F/2.8 1/10 sec


Finally I have gone to Death Valley NP, and visited a few famous places that I’ve wanted to see for a long time. After a long drive of 500 miles, and sleepless nights in the car, a whole day of driving and getting familiar with the Valley, I ended up at Mesquite Dunes, my main destination. Before I entered the sand, I rested in my car for several hours to gain the energy necessary for climbing the dunes. My day was perfect with a sky full of clouds and mild wind; I was enjoying it. But, at the end of day, Mesquite area sky suddenly became covered with clouds that did not allow the sun to shine through on the Dunes. This disrupted my desired composition of land and light. I further climbed the dunes and continued looking for the best composition possible, knowing that I would not be able to get any colors at sunset. After about 15 min, I noticed rain clouds forming approximately 5 miles straight ahead of me. After a few minutes, I realized that those weren’t rain clouds but rather sand clouds that were coming towards me very quickly. At that moment, I decided to run back to my car. Since my fitness condition isn’t good anymore, this was my fastest ran that I have made in the past 20 years ☺. I managed to enter my car 2min before the speeding wind and sand hit my car. Along the road, I tried to warn some folks that were just sitting an enjoying the warm sand and quiet atmosphere. As I was driving, the sandstorm hit my car sideways. Eventually, I ended up on straight road that was leading me towards the end of the park and I safely escaped from the roar of the raging wind. As I gained safe distance between myself and the sand fury, I managed to take several images. This particular image was hand held, single image. ISO2000 @14mm F/2.8 1/10 sec

Date Added
July 22, 2015
Date Taken
July 22, 2015