First Rays On Crater Lake Ntl Park, Or

Nearest Area
Crater Lake Ntl Park
Klamath Falls, OR


I had pre-visualized this shot several years ago, but I knew that finding a location that would convey the vastness of Crater Lake, while simultaneously providing that perfect snow-covered foreground, would be a challenge. After consulting maps, Sun and Moon tables, along with countless other photos, I had a rough idea of where the best winter images of the lake could be captured. From there, all I had to do was wait for ideal weather conditions. A period of high pressure on the heels of a strong winter storm provided exactly the conditions I was after. Following a seven-hour drive from Portland, I strapped on my snowshoes and hiked for several miles until arriving at the general location I knew would provide the best photographic opportunities. Once there, I scouted the rim for several hours until I found a location that provided the perfect combination of lake view, foreground and safety (stepping any closer to the edge would have provided a quick 1000 foot drop to the lakeshore). To the Park Service's knowledge, I was one of two backcountry travelers to have been in the entire park that night. The incredible quite reflected as much. This image was made after a frigid tent-bound night, as the sun made its long awaited appearance over the crater rim only 50 feet from my tent.

Date Added
February 10, 2014
Date Taken
February 10, 2014