Dwelling Place

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Shenandoah Valley

One fall I was returning from a shoot and passed this scene of the three crosses with a wonderful sky with sunbeams shining down through the clouds. Since I was on the interstate I had to go to the next exit, turn around and go back. Even though it several minutes later, the scene was still there and I took the picture. Months passed, and for some reason I had not seen these slide come back. That spring I was in Germany on business and decided to visit Salzburg Austria. While there I visited the Cathedral. Before entering I loaded my camera with a roll of 400 ASA film. Inside I wondered and lit a candle in prayer for my family, especially for my wife and her mother that was back in the hospital with a recurrence of her cancer. I took a few images of the interior and then toured the rest of the city. When I returned and looked at my pictures from the trip I found that I had accidentally double exposed the film from the cathedral. In fact the double exposure was over the images I had taken of the crosses months earlier. Just before I pitched the entire bunch in the trash, I found this image of the cathedral alter and windows over the crosses. I was intrigued by the result and played with the name “Dwelling Place” from the scripture, “I go to prepare a place for you”. When my wife returned that day from the hospital, I showed it to her. That is when she told me that she had spent the day reading her mother’s favorite scripture verse to her, over and over, John In my Fathers House there are many mansions and I go to prepare a place for you. I know that in today's digital world this would be an easy blend to make. But to get an image double exposed nicely on two different continents was an experience.

Date Added
December 18, 2014
Date Taken
December 18, 2014