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West Glacier

Do you have a place that brings peace to your soul? A place where the crazy spinning world slows to a manageable pace and your internal batteries cease being drained and begin to trickle charge like a burbling brook? For my wife and I, that place is Glacier National Park. We try to visit at least once a year and are never disappointed. The Many Glacier area is our favorite corner of this little slice of paradise. It was Labor Day Weekend and we were enjoying the historic Many Glacier Hotel that sits proudly on Swiftcurrent Lake. We saw the boat that takes tours of the lake and knowingly looked at each other, "we're getting on that boat!". Little did we know the adventure that was about to ensue! Turns out, the tour includes a short hike from the far shore to Lake Josephine, just above Swiftcurrent. A bear had been seen on the trail by the previous group so we were on high alert as we hiked to the next lake. We were actually disappointed that we saw nothing. Our disappointment was short lived, however, as we saw several bears on the hillside to the North of Lake Josephine. The boat took us to the far side of the lake and we ended up taking a short hike to kill some time until the last boat back in the evening. From the inlet of the lake we could see many folks lining up to catch a ride back so we hustled in an attempt to avoid the 2 mile hike back to the Hotel. As we got closer I spotted a moose in a bay beyond the boat dock. All of a sudden their was a new urgency to get back to the dock and try and capture a few images before the boat got back. I set up the tripod and was actually surprised at how many people never saw the moose despite my setup obviously pointed at something! Turns out there were more than two times as many hikers than seats on the boat. We quickly volunteered to wait for the last boat. There were five of us that stayed behind. An incredible sense of solitude settled in as the sound of the motor subsided and the moose got closer and closer. We all sat out on the end of the dock in an attempt to be safe from the moose but still be able to watch it. This is one of many great shots I got that evening. The sun was beginning to dip below the mountains but was still bright enough to light up this scene in an unbelievable way! This moment is seared in our memories as on of our favorite moments of all time!

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December 18, 2014
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December 18, 2014
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