Arches At Night

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark III
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San Francisco
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Arches National Park, Utah


With some feelings of being unsure of myself, I gathered my camera, tripod and the lens that I knew I would need and set out from the drowsy community, most in bed after long days of climbing the mountains. The streets were empty, the town asleep. I drove out of the little village hoping that I would not get lost. The mountains quickly closed-in around me, but soon I saw the turn onto the Arches National Park Road. I saw as I was thinking, that the ranger was not there smiling in his little house, at after mid-night, I was almost the only one on the road, though I did see headlights briefly way across the desert. I parked as before in the small lot, noticing with some surprise that a few other cars were there before me. In the light from the stars I had little difficulty finding the trailhead and climbing the huge sliprock plateau that spread like a tilted football field up to the stars. I thought I might need my flashlight so was amazed by the strange light from the stars that lit even the smallest detail at my feet. Oh yes, dimly, but amazingly easy to still see! Several times I nearly stumbled, very afraid that I would drop my camera bag or the tripod in its’ separate bag that were swinging from my shoulders, once I did drop the tripod bag. Even though I could see the whole mountain side, it was like looking through dark glasses, dirty dark glasses. Yes I could see objects, could see rocks and bushes, still the path was slippery which would not have caused any concern in the bright sunlight! Nearing the top of the long walk I first saw another photographer, sitting on a rock adjusting his camera. His grin showing his white teeth pleased me, I had felt a little lonely without Sonam and Nyima scrambling ahead of me to show me the way. I always miss dear Biba, who gives me confidence and soothes me when I get unnecessarily excited. On the trail I surely missed her observations, but somehow I reached the summit of this magical mountain. I could just see the amazing rock formation ahead of me, peeking at me around the shoulder of a raised portion of the trail. There stood a huge but strangely delicate arch of red rock. It rose above my head like a giant bird with narrow legs, so thin that I could hardly understand how the top of the arch could stand without falling. One of the legs narrowed to just a small neck, fragile and small. I was stunned by beauty, specially as it stood against the millions and millions of stars that shone so brightly. I had never before seen how much light can come from the stars, it was like a dream, something that you can’t remember seeing before. At home with street lights, and the headlights of cars blinding your eyesight, you never see the sky so completely, never see the incredible STAR LIGHT, like a billion tiny light bulbs standing all by themselves across the whole of the sky. I could even see distant mountains all of which seemed to glow with just the light from the sky, from the stars. And there in front of me was this wildly unusual form of rock, an arch so delicate, so insubstantial that it took my breath away! Canon 5d Markiii Canon lens 17-40 Exposure: 40 sec. ISO : 3200 Tamang Photography

Date Added
December 20, 2014
Date Taken
December 20, 2014
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