Horsetail Falls

Yosemite NP

On February 22 of 2012 I got to capture my first horsetail falls when I was 11 years old. My dad had planed the trip during the week because of the weather but I had school so I was not able to go. I tried to persuade my mom to let me miss part of the school day but it was a no go. I went to school like usual that day and was pretty bummed that I could not go. Just after lunch I got called down to the office and was surprised to see my dad. He had said that he was taking me out of school early to go Yosemite, my mom had changed her mind. I was so excited my dad had all of our gear packed up. I knew that we would get back late so I did my homework on the way to the park. When we arrived there were many photographers, all looking for the best location. We found a spot and set up our cameras. I was a little nervous because I did not know what to expect. The waterfall seemed to have enough water and the sky was clear, all things that were needed for the event to happen. At that moment I had found a passion for photography.

Date Added
December 22, 2014
Date Taken
December 22, 2014
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