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Waimea Bay

Last winter I made my first trip to Hawaii and had booked the trip months in advance. The week before I left a huge swell popped up in the forecast calling for waves up to 40 feet two days after I was to arrive. The morning of the big swell I woke up and checked the nearest beach and I could see the swell filling in. I happened to run into a guy from the east coast who told me about a spot to shoot Waimea bay from (a big wave spot everyone would be surfing that day). My friend and I drove to Waimea that morning and the beach and cliffs were packed with hundreds of photographers. I told my friend about the spot the guy I met on the beach had told me about and we decided to take a drive way up the mountain. We found the spot, there were only a few people there and we got a great view of everyone surfing Waimea. We were so high up the mountain we had a view of most of the North Shore of Oahu. I looked way down the shore and saw guys tow surfing at different outer reefs. Then I saw a set coming to this reef just passed Waimea and a jet-ski going in for a closer look being forced to turn around and retreat, that's when I took this shot.

Date Added
December 19, 2015
Date Taken
December 19, 2015