Mirror Lake And Low Clouds In Medicine Bow

Nearest Area
Medicine Bow National Forest

I was in Wyoming at the Saratoga Resort and Spa on assignment and decided to go up to nearby Medicine Bow National Park. The mountains were high enough, and the clouds low enough, that you could be completely in the clouds at times. Visibility on the road could get down to 50 feet easily, so the foreground was visible, but everything else was simply and utterly white. At the peak of Medicine Bow Mountain, I decided to park my car and just wander around somewhat aimlessly, without a trail or anything, using just a general sense of direction to eventually find my way back. A little ways out, the desolation was just amazing. Because the fog engulfed the world in front and behind, there was just an oppressive silence and stillness over everything. Of course, as tends to happen, my luck turned a little bad and it started to rain when I was about two miles from my car. Regardless, I got some really fun and unusual pictures because of the conditions, of which I think this is my favorite. It shows the partially frozen Mirror Lake reflecting the nearby mountain peaks which are completely obscured by the clouds. And at this point, the visibility was actually really good. There were times when you could not see anything of the mountains on the other side of the lake.

Date Added
June 14, 2010
Date Taken
June 14, 2010

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