“Glacial Moonset”

Equipment Info
68mm / f/11 / 1/5 sec. / ISO 64
Nearest Area

Ever since I had seen the breathtaking image of MOONRISE OVER HERNANDEZ, New Mexico by Ansel Adam, I had so badly longed to take an image close to that one. That image ALWAYS takes my breath away. While on our way to Seward, Alaska, in an RV, my wife and I saw these mountains with glaciers and decided to overnight there, hoping to catch a gorgeous sunrise at around 5 AM. We slept at around 1 AM (the sun just did not seem to set, typical Alaskan night) and when I my alarm went off at 4, I really did not feel like getting up. I peaked out of the window just to make sure I was not missing anything extraordinary. I saw the moon and I thought, well, why not. Yawning, I went outside and stopped right in the middle of the yawn!! The glaciers were partly lit up by the moonlight and my drowsiness suddenly dissipated. I ran in to grab my camera/ lens/ graduated filters, knowing I had half a chance (the moon was half, LOL) at the shot I had been wanting. I was treated to a GORGEOUS moonset followed by one of the MOST MAGICAL SUNRISES ever (will post that image some other time). When I postprocessed the image, I was just so happy to see the results.

Date Added
September 12, 2021
Date Taken
June 29, 2021