A Beacon of Young Love

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Zabriskie Point
Furnace Creek, CA

How can I chose just one photo? That's like asking me to chose my best kitty cat. And like my cats, all my photos have all different moods to them. Some photos I remember meeting a new friend, sometimes my family was with me, and some were of me alone in the landscape. Sorry, I can't pick just one :)


No doubt you have seen this view of Manly Beacon hundreds of times, but this photo is special to me. What make this photo special to me is that. It was my annual birthday trip to somewhere I visited when I was younger. Second is that there was only 4 people here at Zabriskie Point (that is a super rarity) and it felt like we had the place all to ourselves. Last and most important... I made a couple new friends. I saw the two couples and asked if I could take their "foto" and they were nice enough to let me. I captured a young French couple admiring the beacon and a couple ladies (IGCait) that came all the way from Virgina to visit Death Valley during the middle of summer. Good times and great memories. It may not be the most stunning photo, but this photo is one of my favorites. Happy New Year everyone!

Date Added
January 4, 2022