Let it Ring

Equipment Info
7965784/1000000 sec. / ISO 100

Winter in Alaska’s wilderness is profound to say the least. Standing among the gigantic mountain peaks as far as the eye can see, gives you a sense that Nature has little regard for the timid and unadventurous. Snow flurries raced around me, biting cold at my camera assisted bare hands. Vast rivers of chilled clouds twisted between the colossal mountain heights, changing the light minute by minute. The sun is very low at this time of year, and I noted everyday it struggled to stay aloft above the mighty ranges bordering all sides of the compass. This of course made for delicious light - battling the arctic edge’s terrain. The snow bounces the warm sunlight from valleys to frozen lakes and makes the dangerous cold look like you have arrived in heaven. But this is just for a few short hours a day as the sun gives up its advance and sinks back into long subzero nights.

The incredible atmosphere and light of “Let it Ring” is so impressed into my experience of Alaska that there is no doubt that when they talk of the mighty mountain ranges of North America - they must mean Alaska.

Date Added
July 9, 2022
Date Taken
June 15, 2020