Waiting For The Sunlight

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 90D
5906891/1000000 sec. / ISO 400
Nearest Area
Willie's Hot Springs
Mammoth Lakes, CA

After striking out with the sunrise near Mammoth Lakes, I decided to checkout the nearby hot springs. As I pulled up to the hot springs turnoff, I noticed a black object sitting on the snow bank and thought it was a frozen sweatshirt or hat. I payed it no attention because I was more concerned with the sunlight hitting the steam rising from the hot springs in the distance. I got the photo of the sunlight hitting the steam and walked back to my car. I walked right past the black object and sat down in my car. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the black object move. So I took a good look at the black object and noticed it was a crow! I raised my camera and clicked off a few photos. I thought that was weird that the crow didnt fly way but chalked it up to the crow was familiar being around humans. As I drove off I heard the car's bing notification and looked down at the temperature display. The temperature was negative 10 degrees fahrenheit out and it dawned on me that the crow didn't have the energy or even want to fly away in the subzero temps.

Date Added
February 15, 2023
Date Taken
February 15, 2023